Links at Lunch: Florida State-Oklahoma, ScarJo, & Rampant Creepiness

Surely today’s most clicked link has nothing to do with football. Creepy voyeurism is the order of the day, as news of Sarah Palin’s alleged trist with Glen Rice competes for Most Salacious honors with leaked photos of Scarlett Johansson. I’m a big fan of ScarJo (what 20-something American male isn’t?) but leaked photos take the shine off the admiration — not off Johansson herself, mind you. It’s not her fault private photos were taken and leaked. The situation bears a similarity to the Florida State-Oklahoma match-up.

The Sooners and Seminoles meet Saturday in Tallahassee in what could prove to be the most important non-conference game of the season. The beauty of this pairing is undeniable. It’s a classic beauty that harkens back to the days when football powerhouses weren’t afraid to meet out of conference. And yet, creepy knuckleheads on the internet are doing their best to tarnish that. Podcast guest Allen Kenney sent a blunt, necessary message to ‘Nole and Sooner fans getting ugly with one another at Blatant Homerism: cut the crap. This gorgeous pairing doesn’t need nasty, personal attacks on the athletes via Twitter to make it more heated.

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