Links at Lunch: The Mississippi Miracle Remembered; Positive Impacts in the Big East

Four years ago today marks one of, if not the wildest finish to a college football game ever. More bizarre than “The Band is out on the field!” even. Kevin McGuire reminisces on the “Mississippi Miracle” at

The Mississippi Miracle is a reminder of what is awesome about college football. Conference realignment? Not as much. It’s a necessarily evil that must be discussed though — including by senators, apparently. Members of the U.S. Senate are jumping into the realignment fray sayeth And as things get hairy for those maybe-maybe not invited to the Big 12, Jim Ashley at asks, what now for the Mountaineers?

The Big East continues to forge along despite the instability, and Pat Johnston breaks down the conference’s quarterbacks as only he can via the Positive Impact Factor. No. 1 Zach Collaros’ performance against USF certainly buoys what Isaiah Pead told was a “disgusting” outing against the Bulls.

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