Job For Bob - OR - Why Robert Griffin III Fits An Evolving NFL

Andrew Luck is widely regarded the most can’t-miss NFL quarterback prospect since fellow Stanford alum John Elway — remember, there was a Peyton Manning-Ryan Leaf argument in 1998 that seems absurd now, but that there was a debate is a great departure from the singleminded salivating for Luck.

Everyone who follows either level of football knows about the “Suck For Luck,” but there’s another Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback who could ease the worries of GMs in need of a QB but lacking the No. 1 selection. is proud to begin the “Job For Bob” campaign.

For those teams out of the playoff hunt but not quite on pace for the top pick — Arizona, Seattle, Miami among them — it’s time to do your best Barry Horowitz impression. Lay down on the mat, drop those games and cash in with Robert Griffin III.

There was a time, and not long ago, that a Heisman-winning quarterback who worked from shotgun had three options: wide receiver; Canada; NBA. But as Mr. Bob Dylan sang, the times…they are a-changin’.

The NFL is evolving, and it was only a matter of time. Shotgun formations becoming more used across the collegiate landscape was gauranteed to cause a trickle-down effect to the pros. No longer is an NFL quarterback expected to only follow a template of taking every snap but third-and-long from under center and working from a seven-step drop. Cam Newton’s immediate success at Carolina is the flagship of the movement, but there are other snap takers succeeding while playing an non-traditional style. Aaron Rodgers is the league’s most celebrated quarterback, and while he’s more traditional than a Newton-type player, his style is a deviation from the strict prototype of the 1990s.

Baylor’s defeat of Oklahoma last weekend was a resounding proclimation that Griffin isn’t just the most explosive, most entertaining quarterback in the college ranks. He’s also a savvy game manager with the mettle and skill necessary to guide an offense against high pressure situations and professional-caliber talent. RG3 is a great rusher, but don’t pigeonhole him with the label “dual threat quarterback.” There’s a certain negative connontation to dual threat quarterback that conjures thoughts of weak-armed quarterbacks working out of the option, almost halfbacks who happen to throw.

RG3 is a precise, big-armed QB who finds speedy receivers deep, possessions receive up the middle, and backs out of the flat. He just also happens to be a dangerous rusher. A comparison to Elway may be sacrilege to some, but it is worth noting Elway played out of the shotgun and scrambled more than most NFL quarterbacks.

Though he isn’t the runner of Cammy Cam’s caliber, Griffin has show himself to be a more prolific passer than Newton at the college level. RG3 also lacks Newton or Tim Tebow’s size, but at 6-foot-2, 220 pounds is no Doug Flutie. In fact, his stature is remarkably similar to that of Kurt Warner (interest piqued, Cardinals fans?)

RG3 will make for an outstanding NFL quarterback and is worthy a first round. The question isn’t if, rather when — he does still have another year of eligibility after all.

Perhaps #JobForBob can make it all the way to 2013? Just credit, OK?

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