College Football Rewind: 5 most important games from 2001 season

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The 2001 season brought a lot of memorable moments to college football, some good and some bad. It also gave us the greatest team of all time.

During the 2001 college football season, the whole sports world came to a stand-still for a short period of time after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks and a whole week of games got moved to December and as you can guess, one of those had a profound impact on the championship race.

College football has not seen anything like that happen since and hopefully never will.

The 2001 season also had one of the same themes as the 2000 season: there was a revolving door of teams that were vying to be No. 2 and several teams had their chances.

From Tennessee, Florida, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois and eventually Nebraska, there was heavy competition to be able to play Miami in the national championship. With such heavy competition to be that second team, there were several games that season that helped shape the national championship race and a lot of missed opportunities for some programs that have not had a very good shot at a championship since this season.

It was hard to narrow the season to the most important games, but I gave it my best shot.

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