College Football 2020: Top 3 under-the-radar games in Week 13

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Looking at which under-the-radar games will make watching college football special in Week 13, including a couple great rivalries.

It looks like Week 13  of the college football season will be full of cancellations, much the same as the past two weeks. Still, even in all of the madness that this season has brought, there will still be plenty of great games to watch. Some of those great games are on the tips of everyone’s tongues, overanalyzed by pundits, and dominating the news cycles.

Of course, there are plenty of great under-the-radar games in Week 13 of the college football season too. This is an opportunity to highlight three of those great, but forgotten games.

3. Georgia Southern vs. Georgia State

Overshadowed by Georgia Southern’s primary rival, App State, the Georgia Southern vs. Georgia State game promises to be an excellent meeting between two rival schools this week. While relatively unimportant to the Sun Belt standings, this game is intense.

The Panthers are looking to bounce back off two straight big losses to Georgia Southern, while the Eagles want to finish 2020 strong as they both look for a bowl bid.

The great thing about this rivalry, and will make this game exciting, is that it offers a clash in styles. Georgia Southern runs a variation on the triple option offense. Granted, it’s out of the spread, with their quarterback Shai Werts in the gun. This gives them a chance to eat up clock, while running variations of the option that differ from one of the military academies. On the other hand is Georgia State, who runs a more common college offense, with a balanced passing attack.

This clash of styles, blended with an in-state rivalry, means that anything can happen here.

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