Predictions for The BCS National Championship

The bloggers of the Fansided NCAA Network converged to answer the all-important question: who wins tonight’s BCS Championship tilt, pitting Alabama against LSU in the New Orleans Superdome? The decision was widely split, though bloggers seem to ever-so-slightly favor Alabama in this SEC rematch, with Heisman Trophy finalist Trent Richardson tabbed as the man to once again lead the Tide to the mountain top. Read on for predicted final scores and thoughts on tonight’s clash, and be sure to check out the home sites of each contributor.

Hank Koebler,

    Louisiana State 31, Alabama 27: A month away from actually playing will lead to both teams making defensive mistakes, something neither team did frequently during the season, but the Tigers have the firepower to overcome Alabama again.

Sam Scott,

    LSU 14 – Alabama 6: Entire stadium chants S-E-C. S-E-C.

Tim Tolley,

    Bama 16 – LSU 10: Bama capitalizes on the opportunities that they left on the field in the first meeting, and wins 16-10.

Michael Castillo,

    Alabama 16-13: The Tide win a very similar but “high scoring” SEC affair and earn the ever so popular split title. Bedlam in Stillwater ensues.

Joe Soriano,

    LSU wins 20-17, because they have the better offense and make less mistakes. That’s what this game is going to come down to with two elite defenses that are about as good as each other. Another thing to keep in mind is that LSU is much better on special teams with guys like the Honey Badger and Clairborne on returns. Their punter Brad Wing will also have a big say in this matchup, just like he did last time, and these small advantages give LSU another win when looking at this game on a whole.

Phil Dailey,

    Bama 26, LSU 24
    Only the BCS would award a team, which won neither its conference division nor its conference title, a national championship. Death to BCS!


    Alabama 17 – 14
    I’m a nervous wreck and don’t really want to predict, but…

    Alabama showed they can move the ball on LSU if they don’t get cute. LSU clearly has the edge in special teams talent. However, I think Alabama plays better as an underdog than a favorite.

The Bull Gator,

    Alabama 9 – LSU 6…because the world needs balance.

Adam Borland,

    I’m going to go with LSU 21 – Alabama 17 for tonight’s rematch. The game will provide more excitement this time around, with “Les(s) Evil” defeating “Evil” in the end. Also, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict an “SEC” chant by tonight’s scholarly crowd.

Joe Micik,

    LSU 17-14. Alabama is an excellent football team and this should be a close, competitive game, but I’ve been awestruck by LSU’s talent this year.

Danny Battle,

    Alabama 13 LSU 6

    Alabama’s Trent Richardson will have a medicore game, but he will get through LSU’s defense once with one breakout run, giving Alabama the only touchdown of the game.

Trenise Ferriera,

    LSU 31 Bama 28
    Since both of these teams have mediocre offenses, fully expect a rematch of the last time these teams play each other. PS Screw the BCS.

Mark Knight,

    LSU 13 – Bama 10

    A nice defensive battle.

Derek Hart,

    It could be a repeat of last time, when both defenses completely shut the opponent’s offenses down, or it could be a higher scoring affair, considering that LSU will have a different quarterback, Jordon Jefferson, who’s more mobile, and both teams will have been off for about a month and have had that time to come up with different game plans.

Pete Volk,

    Bama 17, LSU 10

    Richardson goes ham, runs for two touchdowns and 160 yards.

Matt Hamm,

    Bama 20, LSU 14
    RIchardson makes the difference with 2 big runs. Go away BCS.

Ross Husson,

    20-13, Alabama
    Nick Saban said the key for the Tide was “to finish”. In the earlier matchup, Alabama could not finish drives or the game. I think this time around, Alabama behind a big game from Richardson, capitalizes on their opportunities.

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