Air Force Wearing Black, Bomber Inspired Uniforms vs. Navy

The Air Force Academy is wearing a black uniform with B-2 Spirit and F-22 Raptor instead of last names on the jersey backs in today’s game vs. Navy, the first leg of the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy series. The Falcons’ helmets also feature small impressions of stealth bombers all over the crown and down the chin strap.

Thoughts on the uniform? The service academies have previously boasted their purposes in uniforms, like West Point’s camouflage duds, or Service and Honor in place of names, and the anchor on Navy’s Nike Combat Pro alternate.

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  • USAFA Grad

    These are among the gayest football uniforms I have ever had the displeasure of seeing! They do not represent the school colors and have only “F-22 Raptor” or “B-2 Spirit” across the back instead of last names. WTF? Hey, Air Force, if you are going to put planes on the back of jerseys why on Earth highlight the bomber that costs the taxpayers 2.1 billion a piece and can barely be used due to fragility and a “fighter” with no real mission yet a price tag upwards of a half a billion a piece despite the fact that it literally doesn’t work??? Are you just trying to rub the USAF’s most egregiously wasteful boondoggles in the face of the taxpayers?

    USAFA deserved to lose to Navy today and hand them their second big recent win – the first being the removal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that muted the Navy’s true colors.

    Get rid of these ridiculous uniforms.

    • Jimmy52

      You are literally an idiot. What kind of shoe-clerk are you?