Tennessee Rock Gets Zoolander Makeover for Derek Dooley

Mounting frustration among the Tennessee fan base has inspired yet another anti-Derek Dooley makeover of The Rock, this time taking inspiration from Zoolander:

For the uninitiated:

This isn’t the first time this season Vol fans have used The Rock to lament Dooley’s tenure, though this is arguably the first time they’ve made it really, really ridiculously good looking. After Tennessee lost to Mississippi State on Oct. 13, extending Dooley’s winless streak against ranked opponents, The Rock sported the following imagery:

Tennessee is 0-5 in the SEC for the third consecutive, all five under Dooley. The Vols’ remaining schedule gets considerably more manageable — I anticipate UT finishing the regular season 7-5 — but the public displays of frustration cannot be good for Dooley’s long term outlook.

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