Poll: Head Coaches as US Presidents

The presidential election is today, bringing to a conclusion months of vitriol hurled from political rivals at reached levels that would make Harvey Updyke proud.

Now, to compare the electoral process to sports trivializes the former, and is part of the reason we now have a political landscape where to be Democratic or Republican is akin to being Alabama or Auburn: a Tide fan will be damned if he supports a Tiger, and vice versa. In a similar vein though, political and sport discourse might each benefit if the Limbaughs, Moores, Cowherds and Finebaums of the world were dumped on a deserted island somewhere.

A blogger can dream.

Anyway, President of the United States is a far more important job than head coach of a Div. I football team, no matter what any overzealous fan might say. But big time programs’ head coaches must have similar qualities: leadership, a clear vision with determination to see it through, ability to tap the right subordinates for positions of high responsibility.

Both positions’ security is also largely determined by public opinion. Ain’t that right, Paaaaawwwwwwll!

The U.S. has had presidents with college football ties: Gerald Ford was a standout player at Michigan, and Richard Nixon played at Whittier College. Ronald Reagan’s most famous movie role was as the Gipper in Knute Rockne. Interestingly, all were modern Republicans despite the massive leftist conspiracy in which college football is couched. *cough*

President Obama advocated a football playoff, which is coming soon – perhaps not coincidentally.

There has never been a football coaching president, though. Should one of the current high profile coaches make the move, which would be best suited? There are parallels between coaches and past presidents that are obvious. Were SaturdayBlitz.com lower brow, we might allude to similarities between Bobby Petrino and Bill Clinton, or Charlie Weis and William Howard Taft. But this is a serious blog with serious sports takes.

Nick Saban: Proven winner with a take-no-guff attitude, he could be a Theodore Roosevelt. Then again, he might also become a real life Emperor Palpatine.

Les Miles: Personable and quirky, his sometimes head scratching decisions get results. Think James K. Polk or Harry S. Truman.

Bob Stoops: Among the most consistent leaders in the nation, Bob Stoops is sometimes unfairly criticized for not doing more with everything at his disposal. Perhaps he’s Woodrow Wilson, with the BCS championship as his World War I, but the League of Nations as his every title opportunity since.

Lane Kiffin: Young and energetic Lane Kiffin took over for a legend at USC, and is reviled in some circles: in both regards, Kiffin is like Andrew Johnson.

Frank Beamer: Consistent rock known for conservative play calling, Frank Beamer is about as Calvin Coolidge as football gets.

Which current head coach would get your vote? Cast a ballot below. If your choice is not listed, let us know your nominee in the comments section.

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