Clemson Football: Assistant Coach Tweets Picture From Inside Office, Twilight Pictures Galore

Countless storylines emerged from National Signing Day 2013. While much of the discussion centered around five-star studs like Eddie Vanderdoes and Robert Nkemdiche, other, less football-y stories have taken the Internet by storm.

Clemson’s running backs coach, Tony Elliott, has become the butt of a few jokes, thanks in large part to a picture posted by recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott, which highlights Elliott holding up a National Letter of Intent … and a bunch of Twilight posters in the corner of the office:


If you’re counting correctly, that’s three Twilight posters and one picture hung on a cabinet that has a face photoshopped in the place of Bella, and about three pictures underneath those cabinets. Oh, and some framed pictures on top of those cabinets.

We’re sure there’s more, but the point is that Clemson football really, really, really likes Twilight. Of course, they’ll deny it because, let’s be honest, it’s incredibly nerdy and doesn’t fit the sense of machismo you’d expect from a football program like the Tigers.

Or perhaps this was a recruiting tool, and maybe most high school football players are actually closet Twilight fans.

Most likely though, the Clemson coaching staff will address it briefly in a slightly-awkward presser, blame it on their daughters, and claim to have nothing to do with it.

As long as Clemson is bringing in top-flight talent and earning top-15 recruiting classes (much like they did this year), we’re sure no one’s going to mind their blatant denial for their love of the film/book series.


(Thanks, r/CFB)

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