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South Carolina Football: Jadeveon Clowney Will Actually Play Football In 2013

In shocking news, South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney will play football in 2013, despite speculation that he’d sit out the year to avoid injuries and vault himself into a top NFL draft pick for 2014 without doing a thing on the gridiron.

From CBS Sports:

But Clowney hasn’t spoken publicly about it (at least that I’ve seen — if you see something official, point it our way), so I requested an interview via email through the South Carolina athletics department. Spokesman Steve Fink replied that though Clowney isn’t available for interview, Fink spoke to Clowney yesterday and the 6-foot-7 defensive end told him “right now he is planning on playing.”

When asked about Clowney’s usage of the phrase “right now” as to suggest there’s wiggle room for a change of heart, Fink said he simply asked Clowney a question posed by another writer.

In essence, the department took the initiative to ask Clowney the question that was on every writer’s mind.

Some have lamented that the story has gotten way more traction than it should have. However, as our own Kyle Kensing noted earlier in the week, it starts a nice discussion of the age limits for both the NBA and NFL.

And while many fans groan and moan about how this speculation was baseless, and while journalists and columnists across the country can’t believe this speculation gained so much notoriety, there isn’t anything wrong with it.

With 194 days until college football season, what else are we going to talk about?

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