Georgia Bulldogs New Uniforms and Logo Prove Less Is More

The Georgia Bulldogs new uniforms debuted on Tuesday are not much different than the program’s old uniforms. That’s a good thing.

The university hosted a “brand identity” launch, about which Mark Richt quipped during his press conference Tuesday morning.

“We don’t normally have a press conference in the middle of spring ball,” Richt said. “I guess it has to do with our new logos, or whatever you call them, that Nike’s helped us put together.”

Indeed, Nike drafted a new secondary bullhead logo. The new image is the most significant change for the program. Aside from a minor font alteration, should standout Georgia running back Todd Gurley run his way to the Heisman Trophy, he will do so in similar duds Herschel Walker wore when he claimed the award in 1982.

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Uniforms play a role in programs establishing the image they convey on the recruiting trail. Universities spend big money chasing an identity.

Georgia dabbled in the outlandish trend with its Combat Pro uniforms, worn in the 2011 season opener against Boise State. But Georgia is one of those programs with a preexisting image. The red-black-and-silver past Bulldog teams, such as those coached by Vince Dooley, is iconic enough to stand on its own.

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