New Virginia Tech, Maryland Helmets Raise The Stakes On Strange Looks

Every program wants to be unique, wants to don the newest, most original swag. I get it. Recruiting tool, reward for the players, whatever. I have been on board with all of it.

But since Oregon first debuted its highlighter-inspired threads in the early 2000s, uniforms and helmets grow increasingly ostentatious. Sometimes it comes out well. Other times, you get the new Virginia Tech and Maryland helmets.

Photos of each were posted on Twitter on Thursday, and, well…

College football helmets are becoming increasingly like hockey goalie masks. At a certain point, maybe it’s best to just allow the players to choose their own designs, similar to goaltenders. The idea of Temple representing Philadelphia with a Fresh Prince shoutout is intriguing. Sadly, Matt Rhule’s Owls were beaten to that punch.


Pardon for coming off as a curmudgeon. Ultimately, the players’ input is what matters. A fitting reminder is the Ohio Bobcats’ reaction to seeing their very sharp black uniforms for the first time two years ago.

As bad as I, or some of you readers may find the Maryland airbrush look or Virginia Tech’s apparent Game of Thrones themed helmet, our opinion is moot. No sense in complaining — especially because Tech’s are a decided improvement over the chicken-foot helmets that surfaced around this time last year.


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