Jul 16, 2013; Hoover, AL, USA; SEC commissioner Mike Slive talks with the media during the 2013 SEC football media days at the Hyatt Regency. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

College Football Playoff Favors SEC More than BCS Did

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The past few years have been so ironic in the world of college football about how the chips fell. As the SEC began to dominate the BCS, calls for a playoff became louder. In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama was calling for one as Florida was en route to the third straight national title for the SEC. The final straw came in 2011, when two SEC teams met for a national championship. Of course, a playoff was on the way before the next season began.

Now, here it is. But don’t think for a second the playoff will hurt the SEC. All it does is provide more chances for an SEC team to win it all.

Let’s remember that the SEC has been calling for a playoff for a while. SEC Commissioner Mike Slive actually drew up a “plus-one” system in 2008 that was rejected by other commissioners. Those same people wanted the playoff four years later. And that will only help the SEC.

Consider the fact that last year Alabama would’ve still been in the national title picture after losing to Auburn with a four-team playoff. The Tide and the Tigers both might have been in the playoff had that happened. You think other conferences would have been happy about that?

The same could’ve been said for Florida in 2012, Alabama in 2008, Georgia in 2007, and LSU in 2006.

Before then, a playoff would have put an SEC team in the national title picture when it would have been left out, including Alabama in 1999, Georgia in 2002, and of course, Auburn in 2004, which brings me to another big point.


The BCS didn’t favor the SEC as much as people would like to think.

Did you know Auburn, an SEC team, was the only BCS conference team to finish the season undefeated, including the bowl game, and not hoist the national championship trophy? Yes, the SEC was receiving mid-major treatment before it began to dominate BCS games.

Also, when claims were consistently made that the SEC only dominates because they always get put in the big game, why is it then that the conference only lost once to another conference when playing for all the marbles? Every other BCS conference has two losses. In fact, here is the record for each conference:

SEC: 9-2 (with one of those losses against another SEC team)

ACC: 2-2

Big Ten: 1-2

Big East/AAC:  1-2

Pac 12: 1-2

Big 12: 2-5

Independents: 0-1

Don’t these standings give some credibility to the fact that SEC teams kept getting in the big game? Well, now with a playoff, know that only more will be in the national title hunt every year.

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