Dec 7, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Auburn Tigers quarterback Nick Marshall (14) passes the ball in spite of the defense of Missouri Tigers defensive lineman Harold Brantley (90) during the second quarter of the 2013 SEC Championship game at Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn Quarterback Nick Marshall Cited for Weed

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Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall has been cited for marijuana possession in Georgia, according to multiple reports. However, because it was such a small amount, less than an ounce according to the reports, he wasn’t arrested.

Marshall faces a $1,000 fine for a marijuana violation and  a $100 fine for the window tent violation, according to the report.

This fine shouldn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. It’ll be a slap on the wrist and just a little bit of ammo for Alabama and Georgia fans over the next year, but there’s really no scandal here.

Anybody who makes a big deal out of this needs to join the 21st century.

That being said, how could Nick Marshall be so stupid? Don’t be like Josh Gordon. You have a chance to be a superstar this year and build your profile, so don’t blow it. To quote Stephen A. Smith on ESPN: LAY OFF THE WEED. Whether or not it should be allowed is irrelevant. The fact is the NCAA, Auburn, and the state of Georgia have policies pertaining to the issue, and there is no reason to make yourself a target by violating those policies.

Marshall has a great chance to be a Heisman candidate this year in Gus Malzahn’s offense. He shouldn’t face any serious punishment, but it would be a shame to see that chance go to waste simply because he’s not smart enough to follow a simple policy.

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