Can North Carolina State Wolfpack Win With Doeren?

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Not content with North Carolina State Wolfpack football in the 5 to 9 win range, as it has been over the course of the school’s entire history, officials brought in Dave Doeren to take it to the next level.

How does 3-9 sound as a start? Okay that’s unfair. On the surface his hire seems like a huge mistake so far, but after being forced to juggle two mediocre quarterbacks, one of whom got injured, to go along with a thin defense is enough to make any first year coach struggle significantly.

There simply weren’t enough horses for Doeren to work with. The biggest knock on him, though, is the games could have been a bit closer. There’s not one loss you could look at last year and say that N.C. State had a chance to win that game. A 27-19 loss to North Carolina is the only loss that was within double digits. True, the Wolfpack’s average margin of difference per game was less minus-8, but that has a lot to do with the fact that the team ran up the score in two of its three wins against Louisiana Tech and Central Michigan. Want a cookie?

Still, when your quarterback goes down your first year, you get a mulligan, and lacking enough talent and experience only multiplies the significance of that mulligan. Doeren has a more experienced roster this year with quite a few returning starters, and he managed to recruit in the top half of the ACC last year.

He also gets to start a new quarterback.

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