Mike Gundy's Bad Dancing: Another Brilliant Recruiting Move

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Once again, Oklahoma State Cowboys football coach Mike Gundy is in the headlines for something quirky. This time, he’s dancing again, as you can see in this video here from :32 to :44.

He’s already been called the worst dancer, which happened three years ago when he essentially did the worst Dougie ever seen. And of course he was in the news in 2007 with his “I’m a Man! I’m 40!” rant.

Here’s the question: is all of this calculating? Let’s go back to the press conference rant. That happened in 2007, and over the next three years, although Gundy didn’t have any Top 10 classes, he definitely hauled in players who turned out to be stars and turned the Cowboys in to a national program.

Ignore the fact that the kid he was “defending” in that rant transferred eventually anyway. All that comes across to the average recruit is that he’ll do whatever it takes to back his players, which sits well with parents as well as recruits.

By the time the Dougie video rolled around in 2011, Gundy was becoming a household name. After that year, he was a superstar head coach. Tennessee attempted to snag him at the end of 2012.

Now, he just provided us with this awful dance. But who cares how bad it was? He consistently shows himself willing to goof around with his players, show a little bit of a kid in him, and make just enough moves to raise his profile, which is good for the Oklahoma State program.

Bruce Pearl is a master at this in college basketball. Could Gundy be doing the same thing in football?

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