Saturday’s Sights and Sounds, Week 5


College Gameday showed up in Madison — can’t say the same for Nebraska. There’s little doubt that if healthy and focused, Wisconsin is running away with the conference championship. Talk about whiffing, I wondered if Russell Wilson and the Badger offense would be a fit. Speaking of whiffing, Lee Corso’s Mascot Head Pick marked the third straight week he took the visitor. It was his first loss in that span.

Corso’s choice may have been wrong, but not as wrong as the meme-riffic signs visible in the background. Rebecca Black is at least still (somewhat) relevant, but the I Like Turtles kid? Don’t tase Russell Wilson, bro!


Texas A&M started off great:

But the Aggies fell apart a second straight week. A&M must learn to finish when it comes to the SEC, where the speed is surreal and the fans are…well…

A rowdy crowd in Gainesville certainly showed up, but not level of rowdiness can slow down Terminator Trent Richardson. The ‘Bama defense stifled offensive genius Charlies Weis, and Richardson does what Terminators do: sought, and destroyed.

Richardson defines intimidation, much like Stanford taking the field in its black uniform to face UCLA.

Stanford looking sharp in the black. How about Air Force’s grays?

Tim Jefferson’s option coming at you is an imposing prospect. Possibly not as imposing as…the Monmouth punt block unit? Robert Morris’s punter certainly wanted no part of it.