CAA Preview – Week 8


In last week’s CAA action, one game included a game-winning 65-yard touchdown pass on fourth-and-29 while another game saw an offense held 35 points under its season average in a loss.  We picked the team that failed to prevent that fourth down touchdown as well as the team whose offense sputtered because of phenomenal defense.  Welcome to life in CAA Football!

This week James Madison has its bye.  The Dukes were one of two teams that we guessed correctly to win (in a win over Villanova); our other correct pick was first-place Maine defeating Rhode Island, which is winless in the conference.  After starting the season picking well the first few weeks, we’re only 5-5 the last two weeks and 11-8 overall.  The solution to many of life’s challenges is to simplify the process involved.  To make better picks this week, we’re making our selections in the form of haiku poems.  After the break we’ll keep our analysis to 17 syllables per game.

In full disclosure we have seen CAA football game predictions in the form of haiku poems before.  We are not inventing anything new here, as the form of poetry has roots that precede football itself.  We’ll begin with JMU and their bye week, followed by succinct analysis of the five conference games this season.  No matter who wins, we’re guaranteed to see good games.

James Madison

Bridgeforth Stadium

Allows 25-K fans.

High ceiling for Dukes.

Towson at William and Mary


Heavy karma hangover.

Laycock is ready.

Delaware at Rhode Island

Quahog, Rhode Island.

Ollie Williams is angry.

But Andrew Pierce reigns.

New Hampshire vs. Massachusetts

Colonial Clash.

Decker versus Hernandez.

Wildcats rebound.

Maine at Richmond

Pushaun Brown can run.

Aaron Corp to Tre Gray.

Spiders had a bye.

Old Dominion at Villanova

A young Heinicke

Throws against injured defense.

The Monarchs conquer.

In summary we’re going with William and Mary (an experienced Tribe team hosts a Towson team coming off a win that was too emotionally-draining), Delaware (Andrew Pierce wins it for the Hens), New Hampshire (Kevin Decker won’t be held to ten points in consecutive weekends), Richmond (the Spiders are too good to start 0-4 in the CAA) and Old Dominion (injures are severely hindering a young Villanova squad).  If haikus don’t work, our picks next week might have to rhyme.