Links at Lunch: The Paterno Narrative, Miami-FSU, Tech Schools Get Mathy


The Penn State situation has and will continue to linger over everything else in college football news for at least this week, and likely the remainder of the season. Joe Paterno’s announcement today he would retire at season’s end is the culmination of what writes is “the long goodbye.” That Paterno is so prominently featured at the forefront of this story is “a lazy narrative” argues Black Shoe Diaries.

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There are indeed games still to be played. Last night’s ridiculous 66-63 Tuesday MACtion showcase between Toledo and Western Michigan set the week off right, as the game we so love hopefully provides needed distraction from the ugliness in State College.

  • Virginia Tech – Georgia Tech square off in the Thursday night ACC match-up, and has a statistical breakdown.
  • Notre Dame will wear its fourth different helmet of the season when it meets Maryland on Saturday, this one with a shamrock logo that may or may not be visible from space. Tradition-obsessed among the Irish masses are upset, but The Subway Domer writes Brian Kelly cares not, complete with video recap.
  • West Virginia is enter do-or-die mode in pursuit of the Big East championship. analyzes why Saturday’s contest vs. Cincinnati is especially “must-win.”
  • A rivalry adds another installment this weekend when Miami and Florida State square off. Moving this game from Labor Day weekend further shakes up what was once a premiere contest, one that hasn’t quite been the same since the two teams have been in the same conference (go figure). But what’s Adam Tolliver writes is a balanced attack

    does make Miami formidable. The Hurricanes’ ability to pass and run is reminiscent of past FSU teams — though certainly not on the level of Seminoles teams that featured star Warrick Dunn. is on it again,

    featuring Reginald Eller’s interview with the ‘Nole legend Dunn


    Rumors abound suggest Miami’s first-year coach Al Golden will replace Paterno in Penn State, but don’t bet on it writes’s Danny Hobrock.

  • A less storied rivalry than Miami-FSU but one that has been explosive over the last four years is Boise State-TCU. Now, the ienvitable question is can two teams that will only share a conference one season, have played just twice previously in the last half-decade, and until now haven’t met in the regular season be rivals? The answer’s an .