Links at Lunch: Heisman Talks Include Trent Richardson, Case Keenum, Collin Klein


November is already halfway complete, which means your schedule programming of BCS arguments and Heisman hypotheses can commence. Today’s Links at Lunch are talking Heisman Trophy, as this is shaping to be one of the more intriguing races of the last few years. CBS Sports suggests Stanford’s loss to Oregon jeopardized Andrew Luck’s candidacy.

That leaves the door open for Trent Richardson, who just the week prior had his own campaign on life support after Alabama’s LSU loss. How quickly a week changes things, and’s Izzy Gould states T3’s case. Richardson should get an opportunity to pad his stats against Georgia Southern. While a very good FCS program, coincidentally nicknamed the “Blue Tide” for patterning itself after ‘Bama, GSU is a paycheck jobber on UA Homecoming. Friend Of The Blog salutes great jobronis in history — and really, any reference to the Mulkeys is sure to get Links at Lunch love.

Detmer Award leader and passing touchdown magician Case Keenum’s, uh, case is strengthing. Dustin Rensink explains why on Strengthening Keenum’s case (punny!) is that Houston is a legitimate BCS contender, but reaching 13-0 is no easy task. How UH does so is among Reginald Eller’s Five Burning Questions on Crystal Ball Run.

Others are jumping into the fray with every passing Saturday. Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer is typically the quiet type, but not when sounding off on running back David Wilson as David Bitter reports on The surprise breakout star of the 9-1 Hokies is third nationally in rushing with 1360 yards, but has just seven touchdowns. That’s 17 fewer than Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein, the nation’s rushing TD leader who Ben Kercheval writes is worthy of Bronze Man consideration on CFTalk.

But asks you, the reader, who you think should win the Heisman. To quote Sean “Puff Daddy” “P Diddy” “Dirty Money” “Other Lame Nickname” Combs, Vote Or Die!