Coaching Christmas Cards To You and Yours This Holiday Season


Arizona State’s Todd Graham

*Please text to Christmas card list*

Dear Panther Family:

When I said I was committed to this program for the long haul, I meant it. But it’s mid-December and I played a round of golf and swam today! I mean, in Pennsylvania I can forget about golfing by Columbus Day. Anyway, have a Merry Christmas.

Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald

This holiday season, we are fortunate to have a new partnership with Under Armour. As you know from seeing Maryland this season, UA is committed to cutting edge innovations in uniform design. Here you get an early peek at what’s in store for 2012, as quarterback Kain Colter models our alternate home uniforms. Thanks Under Armour!

– Coach Fitz

Iowa State’s Paul Rhoads

Truck driver? I’m Iowa State’s football coach. Pitt made all my Christmas dreams come true. I’m rich, biatch!

Nebraska’s Bo Pelini & FAU’s Carl Pelini

Merry Christmas, dinguses. Now say “Uncle!”

Kansas’s Charlie Weis

Jayhawk Nation:

Thank you for the generous Christmas gift of a guaranteed $12.5 million. I’m already putting it to good use throwing the biggest party in town, including renting this great Santa outfit! To show you my gratitude, I’m giving you the gift of 50 bubble screens a game next season.

Yours, Chuck