A SaturdayBlitz.com P.S.A: Social Media and Recruiting


Sgt. Slaughter has a very important message regarding the use of social media vis a vis college football recruiting. Take it away, Sarge.

Simple enough concept, right? Well, not so much. The internet has changed the dynamics of recruiting. As with other facets of life, the Web has bridged gaps between people, in this case coaches and recruits. The net is a valuable resource for players to make themselves known. Likewise, fans become familiar with new generations of stars before they ever take the field via sites like Rivals and Scout. Many players have fun with social media, like junior college prospect Travell Dixon, who yesterday used Twitter to announce his signing with Alabama.

But there are drawbacks to the unfiltered connection players and fans now have via social media. As tends to be the case with anything, the overzealous have prompted action from the NCAA, preventing fans — or in the case of regulations “boosters” — from using social media outlets to promote particular programs to a recruit. Mary Pilon of The New York Times had a great article that articulates the finer points of the NCAA’s stance. It should be required reading for any college football fan, especially those who follow recruiting.

There are definite gray areas as to what constitutes a violation, but rather than test these limits, read a book. Go for a walk. Collect stamps. Just don’t hit up recruits via social media.