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Social Media Vote to Determine College Gameday Commercial Locale


ESPN is utilizing its ever-expanding social media presence to determine the host site of a new College Gameday commercial. Virtually every Division I athletic program with football has taken to its website, Twitter and Facebook to campaign for votes.

SEC fans’ collective zeal tends to dominate such contests, so anticipate an ad shot somewhere in the South. However, would like to carry the banner for some suggestions outside the box.


The Cougar flag appears on the Gameday set each week, so the Palouse seems a natural fit. Furthermore, Craig James is gone from the Worldwide Leader, so now might be a worthwhile opportunity to patch things up with Mike Leach.

Combining Leach’s affinity for all things pirate and the flag concept, I envision the new head coach captaining a ship with first mates Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler.


I am an advocate of bringing Gameday to an FCS game, and 2012 provides the perfect opportunity with Appalachian State hosting Montana in Week 2. Equally perfect would be the announcement of said landmark Gameday appearance with a commercial shot on the Boone campus.

Tell me Lee Corso wouldn’t have a great time rocking the Mountaineer head.


Sharing the name of the world’s busiest city has its advantages. The Gameday bus gets lost on its way to the Big Apple, and ends up surrounded by the Gothic architecture of Manhattan, Kan. A bonus is the opportunity for cross promoting fellow Disney-operated program Modern Family, with co-star and K-State alum Eric Stonestreeter making an appearance.


Viewers of the Showtime documentary Game of Honor got an all-access pass to the rigors of being a West Point cadet or Navy Midshipmen. Imagine the Gameday crew prepping for the show with an authentic Navy or Army boot camp session.


Alright, so Gameday will never broadcast from Hawai’i. Both the travel logistics and a local 4 a.m. start time are too much. But I’m sure the folks involved in an advertisement wouldn’t mind a trek out to Oahu. Certainly the brain trusts in Bristol can utilize UH’s frighteningly awesome mascot in some fashion.

Have a suggestion for the next Gameday advertisement? Leave it in the comments section.