Conference Realignment Q&A With Greg Swaim


Greg Swaim is among the leading voices discussing conference realignment on the college football landscape. He was kind enough to take a moment from hosting the Greg Swaim Radio Show to answer a few questions on realignment for

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Editor’s Note: All correspondence made via email.

SATURDAYBLITZ.COM Q: DeLoss Dodds suggested the Big 12 host Notre Dame’s sports & forge a football affiliation. Chip Brown since reported sources say it’s close. But how likely is it to happen? Does the ACC make a counterpush for ND to play 3-4 games (as it has in the past two seasons played Miami, Maryland, BC & Wake) in football while hosting its other sports, and what can ACC offer?

Greg Swaim A: It’s very difficult to believe that the ACC can convince Notre Dame to jump in if the Big 12 offers the same deal.

SB Q: What plans have you heard the ACC has for expansion to 16? The SEC? And if the Big 12 does expand to 12 without FSU/Clemson, who are the next two most likely candidates?

GS A: The ACC is in retention mode, while the SEC and Big 12 are in predatory mode. The SEC won’t likely take a team from an existing state, so won’t add Florida State, Miami, Clemson or Georgia Tech, but would likely look at Virginia Tech and North Carolina. The Big 12 has talked with FSU, Clemson and Louisville, as well as Notre Dame.

SB Q: Should BYU not fact or into Big 12’s plans, would it be better off remaining independent or reevaluating the Big East? Why?

GS A: With new TV network deals requiring the conference to keep Sunday options open, it nullified any chance of BYU consideration.

SB Q: Once the leagues are done shifting, what is the final landscape you envision?

GS A: Of the so-called Fab 4 conferences, only the Pac 12 will struggle to eventually get to 16 teams. The Pac 12 has geographical issues.