Texas A&M Makes Keith Olbermann’s ‘Worst’ List


Life for Texas A&M’s administration, athletic department, and fans just got a little more interesting after Keith Olbermann put the school on notice in his “Worsts” segment Wednesday night.

Olbermann tells the story of a Buffalo man who was using a version of the “12th Man” in an effort to keep the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo. The man is without a hand and a leg due to complications from cancer, and lives on less than $900 a month. TAMU, who knows the Buffalo man is not profiting off of the use of the “12th Man” phrase, has ordered him to take the website and 250 fliers down from around the city.

This seems like a good time to stop and remind everyone the Buffalo man is without a hand, leg, and cash, and is also not profiting from the use of “12th Man.”

TAMU was not pleased with the rate of which the fliers were being taken down and is continuing to hassle the Buffalo fan. This seems like a good time to hand it over to Olbermann.

(Note: The story begins after the 1:40 mark, unless you want to watch stuff on AROD and Jeremy Lin.)

This would be the time for rival SEC fans to sound off on the insanity of how Texas A&M has handled this situation.