Jameis Winston Does Heisman-Like Things [Vine]


Welcome to the 2014 season, Jameis Winston.

Florida State is off to a shaky start trying to defend their national title versus the pesky Oklahoma State Cowboys in Dallas. Winson has thrown two picks so far in the game and hadn’t done much in the running game. The result was Florida State having just a three point lead midway through the third quarter.

The Seminoles needed a play and they got one.

That power. That speed. That hurdle. That juke. Good deity…

It seems almost unnatural for a human being to have all of the tools necessary to make that run but Winston somehow possesses all of them. I’m certain there are video game players who cannot make that hesitation juke Winston made at the end to finish off the run. And I’m more than sure I would rip every tendon and ligament in my body if I attempted to make that move.

Florida State now leads 27-17 with the game nearly through three quarters. You can watch the final quarter on ABC if you happen to be around a television or you can watch this Vine over and over for the rest of your life.