Eastern Michigan’s Pregame Idea Did Not Go As Planned [Video]


Eastern Michigan had a great idea to start out their 2014 season and home opener. The concept seemed simple: Have a cinder block wall, send a few linemen to knock down the wall, have the team run through the remains of the wall. A simple, maybe even bad ass, idea that should have gotten the season off to a great start.

Alas, not all great ideas are what they seem.

What we have here is a failure to prepare. First, the structure of the cinder block wall was built a little too firm. You want this idea to go smoothly so it is okay for one to build a weak wall. The wall is supposed to come down anyway so why worry about the structure?

Second, it was clear the linemen did not have a plan for how they were going to attack the wall. One guy is hanging out behind the other waiting to do some clean up work while the first lineman is left with the heavy manual labor. A third guy, who appears to be a receiver and is far too weak to be knocking down walls, comes in over the top. A disaster.

Finally we have the actual running through the wall. Er, the running ‘around’ the wall. We may have wanted to ensure a clear path for the team to run through before leaving several pounds of cinder block scattered on the ground.

Oh Eastern Michigan. Nice try, though.

[H/T The Big Lead]