ESPN Has Coaches Read Mean Tweets [Video]


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it would make sense for ESPN to steal from their ABC partner’s late night show host Jimmy Kimmel comedy bit of having celebrities reading mean tweets.

For their first round of coaches reading mean tweets ESPN was able to convince the humorless Alabama coach Nick Saban, Michigan head coach Brady Hoke, Florida head coach Will Muschamp, and Mississippi State heacd coach Dan Mullen to read mean tweets that were directed at them. Some of these can be pretty funny, specifically when traditionally politically correct coaches are forced to read things like “Is it true he wears hot dog water as cologne.”

A 10-minute long segment of Steve Spurrier writing tweets to other SEC coaches would be a fun spinoff of this Kimmel idea. Alas, Deity forbid creativity ever be involved in these things. I looking forward to watching this segment again next Saturday none the less.