TCU WR Josh Doctson Can Stay In The Air A Long Time


Today I saw a man fly. Sort of.

His name is Josh Doctson and he plays for the TCU Horned Frogs. I’m not sure if flying is against NCAA regulations but it would seem unfair for a person to be allowed to fly while playing football. Here’s what I mean.

How exactly are you supposed to defend that? It is such ridiculous hang time I just assumed the video was altered or something. No, he just hangs there a while until the ball gets there. Incredibly impressive.

Oh, and he caught it one handed. You know, just to add a degree of difficulty or something.

TCU leads the Minnesota Golden Gophers 24-0 with three minutes remaining in the second quarter. Doctson has caught five passes for 55 yards and two touchdowns in the first two quarters. There have been five turnovers between the two teams in this game, so not everything has been as pretty as Doctson’s touchdown catch.