Miami, Clemson Rise in Week 5 ACC Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz ACC Power Rankings Week 5

12. Boston College Eagles, 3-2 (0-1), Lost to Colorado State Rams 24-21 Last Saturday

The Boston College Eagles had us all fooled. After a huge upset over USC just a week after losing to Pittsburgh, we all jumped to the conclusion that Boston College was good and the young Panthers were just that impressive. How wrong we’ve been proven! That win just looks like a giant fluke now.

Steve Addazio is now in the process we expected him to be in with the Eagles: rebuilding. After losing so much talent his first year, a dominant rushing attack can only take you so far when your passing game is so bad. It finally caught up with them in the 24-21 loss to Colorado State last Saturday night. Now, this group is 3-2 and needs to find a way to improve that pathetic passing game immediately. Otherwise, beating this team will just be too easy.

The improvements have to come fast because N.C. State and Clemson are up next, and both teams are very good ACC teams that good send the Eagles into a tailspin that results in a bad, losing season. That was expected anyway at the beginning of the year, but you don’t want it to happen after receiving false hope with a win over USC early.

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