Miami-Georgia Tech, N.C. State-Clemson Highlight Vegas ACC Predictions Week 6

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Saturday Blitz Vegas ACC Predictions Week 6

Pittsburgh Panthers at Virginia Cavaliers

Line: Virginia by 6

This ACC battle features two of the biggest teases in college football right now. Pittsburgh impressed everybody with its 3-0 start that looked like it would be a 5-0 start, but the offense has now begun to sputter. The defense hasn’t been too much of a problem outside of Iowa, but Chad Voytik needs to make more plays at quarterback. That’s going to have to be the key to the game for Pitt this weekend as it travels to a very good, defensive-minded Virginia team. The defense for Pitt doesn’t look like it will be a problem, and the rushing game appears to be in good shape, but Voytik has got to become more of a playmaker on offense to provide some balance to this offense. Otherwise, this team will fall to 3-3.

Virginia, meanwhile, fooled us all immediately by being so much better than we thought. Their only two losses are both by 8 points to BYU and UCLA. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, as both teams are still undefeated. It’s defense has managed to be very impressive in stealing a win against Louisville, and at 3-2, Mike London’s team is showing dramatic improvement. The key to winning this weekend’s game will be, once again, defense. Virginia needs to keep the Pitt offense from getting anything going in the passing game so it can just key in on the run and keep the Panthers from moving the ball. Then, the Cavaliers simply have to move the ball enough when they have the ball and make sure that they don’t turn the ball over and give the game away, the way they did against UCLA.


Virginia’s defense is going to be the key in this game as it pulls off another big conference win to move to 4-2. Voytik will have a couple of bad interceptions, and there will be 1 or 2 fumbles forced in the game as well. The offense will score just enough, and the defense will make a few breaks and keep Pitt from moving the ball, all of which will secure a Cavaliers victory.

Virginia: 17 Pittsburgh: 10