Nebraska-Michigan St., Maryland-Ohio St. Highlight Week 6 Vegas Big Ten Predictions

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Saturday Blitz Vegas Big Ten Predictions Week 6

Game of the Week 

No. 19 Nebraska Cornhuskers at No. 10 Michigan State Spartans

Line: Michigan State by 7

This might be the surprising Big Ten match-up of the year. Okay, not really, because it’s an inter-divisional game, but these teams could very well see each other again in the Big Ten championship. Michigan State’s loss to Oregon early in the season was somewhat expected, and Nebraska is undefeated up to this point as it should have been. That leaves this game right where we would have expected it to be, but it still looks like a very exciting Big Ten match-up between the two best teams in the conference right now.

Nebraska may have been expected to be undefeated by this point, but what’s unexpected is they’ve found a rhythm and a system on offense that is perfectly tailored to their personnel, helped out by Ameer Abdullah as a Heisman candidate. With Tommy Armstrong, Jr. at quarterback, Bo Pelini needs to stick to that option system this Saturday. The Michigan State linebackers are still young and had trouble with Oregon’s spread late. There’s no reason for Nebraska to deviate from Nebraska football. Abdullah’s incredible skill-set, having already rushed for more than 200 yards three times this season, along with Armstrong’s mobility and ability to still make efficient passes when needed, should give the Spartans defense fits. The Huskers will have to stiffen up on defense a bit, though, after allowing 31 points to Miami and struggling with McNeese State. If they can’t get Michigan State off the field, they have no chance.

Michigan State, meanwhile, had better hope its linebackers have finally developed. That group going up against Abdullah is the key to the game.Max Bullough and Denicos Allen are no longer there, and Taiwan Jones, Darien Harris, and Ed Davis have to grow up fast. If they get blown off the field the way they were against Oregon, the offense has no chance to help lead this team to victory. Speaking of offense, that group needs to simply play its game. Connor Cook has to continue to be incredibly efficient as the Spartans methodically move the ball down the field for long drives, and they’re capable of doing that against this Nebraska defense. If they can keep this a low-scoring game by doing that, which will keep their linebackers and that defense rested as well, then there should be no problem for them to win this game. But the linebackers still absolutely have to come through.


Michigan State looks vastly improved after its late season loss to Oregon, but it’s linebackers are still very young and will certainly struggle against the Nebraska offense. However, the Spartans have a great and efficient offense while Nebraska has struggled on defense, so this makes for a very even match-up. The edge goes to Michigan State. With the Spartans playing at home and the linebackers getting more reps, they should be much better Saturday. The questions facing Michigan State’s defense so far this year have been experience issues. The questions facing Nebraska’s defense have been personnel issues. Give me personnel over experience any day of the week, especially at home. The Spartans win this game in a close one.

Michigan State: 24 Nebraska: 21

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