Oklahoma-TCU Highlights Vegas Big 12 Predictions Week 6

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Saturday Blitz Vegas Big 12 Predictions Week 6

Texas Tech Red Raiders at Kansas State Wildcats

Line: Kansas State by 14

In this Big 12 match-up, one team could be on the verge of elite status while another right now is simply trying to stay above water. Texas Tech looks like it could be in trouble this year under Kliff Kingsbury. After struggling to its first two wins, the Red Raiders were blown out by Arkansas before losing to Oklahoma State last week. To be fair, there’s no shame in losing those games, but there is shame when you’re not a Top 40 scoring offense if you run an air raid. That’s what the key has to be for Texas Tech this week and its great passing game: finish drives. The defense is obviously a lost cause, but the Red Raiders might be able to get Kansas State out of its element by turning this game into a shootout. If Davis Webb is healthy, he’ll have to put up a lot of points. If not, Patrick Mahomes will have to do the job. But the team needs to make this a shootout.

Kansas State, meanwhile, has proven it has playmakers on offense and a very good defense, so it should stick to playing its game. That means long drives, running the football, and Jake Waters connecting with Tyler Lockett for big plays. The first order of business though is for Lockett to make sure he has consistent hands. He plays with a lot of heart and has lots of skill, but if he can’t be consistent with catching the football, it becomes much harder for the Wildcats to run the offense. The second order of business is to not turn the ball over. That’s what cost the Wildcats an upset over Auburn two weeks ago. If they can do those things, the offense will be fine against Texas Tech’s defense. Then, while the Wildcats are on defense, they need to get pressure on whoever is playing quarterback. Go at Webb because he’s injured and Mahomes because he’s inexperienced. A few hits could rattle either one of them in their air raid offense.


Kansas State is going to avoid turning this into a shootout by making sure they take care of the football and Lockett coming through every time his number is called. That will make for a few great drives that take lots of time off the clock and result in quite a few points for the offense. The Red Raiders, meanwhile, will never be able to find a rhythm on offense, and that is what will do them in. The quarterback situation looks like it’ll be an issue as well. Texas Tech is still a good team that can turn the season around, but it won’t happen Saturday. Instead, they’re falling to 2-3.

Kansas State: 38 Texas Tech: 27