Blitz Points: Week 6 College Football Top Performers

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Saturday Blitz Week 6 Blitz Points Winners

9. Senquez Golson, Defensive Back, Ole Miss Rebels (Defeated Alabama Crimson Tide 23-17)

4 Tackles, 1 Interception

It doesn’t seem crucial to give Blitz Points awards to somebody who had an interception in a game. After all, that is commonplace. But what is important is when Senquez Golson got the interception and what that play did for Ole Miss, college football, and the state of Mississippi.

After the Rebels took a 23-17 lead, Blake Sims was driving. Everybody watching the game just knew that Sims would lead the Tide down the field for a game-winning touchdown, and once he got into Ole Miss territory, it was obvious. Even after the penalty, the Ole Miss upset was a fantasy. We would stop the conversation about Mississippi football after this. But that didn’t happen.

Golson made sure to seal the game for the Rebels. With Sims having plenty of time to still lead the comeback, he inexplicably threw a ball into double-coverage in the end zone. Still, it looked like it would go out of bounds. Golson had other goals in mind. He pulled down an incredible interception, securing a major Ole Miss upset. It was the classic case of big players coming through in big moments.

How could we not give Blitz Points Awards to him after that?

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