Ranking the College Football Upsets Over the Weekend by Shock Value

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Ranking Week 6 College Football Upsets

2. Utah Utes Beat No. 8 UCLA Bruins 30-28

After Arizona State upset USC, it was clear that the City of Los Angeles was in the midst of a rough weekend. If we took that into account, the shock value of this upset wouldn’t mean much. But leaving that fact out, this is a huge upset.

Utah looked like it had woken up to reality after losing to Washington State last week, and UCLA looked like it had finally found its rhythm after blowing out Arizona State. What a difference a week makes! What’s odd is that UCLA had 406 yards of total offense against the Utes, and Brett Hundley, while not playing like a superstar, played well enough to win. It’s actually very hard to put a finger on why this upset happened, especially after UCLA took a 28-27 lead with 4:50 to go.

Despite being down by two scores for much of the game, when UCLA took that late lead it seemed evidently clear that they just needed to focus and get their act together to pull out the win. Who would have thought that Utah would then mount a long drive for a game-winning field goal where they didn’t pass once? Seriously, they ran it the entire drive, and in the process they gained 63-yards to set up the kick. That’s as shocking as anything.

But like the rest of the weekend, it was another upset in the LA area. That makes for the city’s two premier college football teams losing at home this weekend and the city’s two baseball teams, the favorites in their playoff match-ups, both losing Game 1 at home. UCLA has now looked like Jekyll and Hyde over a two week span more than any other team, and just when you think they have found themselves, they lay an egg. That makes this upset incredibly shocking.

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