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Here’s the shake-up. We knew it was coming. We knew this past weekend would be the first weekend when we likely saw a dramatic shift in our Top 25 College Football Rankings .

But what we didn’t know was that there would be so many upsets during the weekend that it would be hard for us to keep track.

It looks like there is a lot more parity in the college football world than we ever thought, and that showed on Saturday. With four of the Top 6 teams going down 11 Top 25 teams losing overall, eight Top 25 teams losing to lower-ranked teams, and five losing to unranked teams, we were all caught off-guard by the degree to which an upset weekend would shape up.

We’re getting closer and closer to being able to unveil our college football playoff watch, and a couple more weeks like this would make it nearly crystal clear.

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FBS is now down to 10 undefeated teams, and three remain in the SEC while two are in the ACC and another two are in the Big 12. Of course, that means that inevitably only six teams can be undefeated by the end of the year at this point, and that’s assuming everything works out perfectly, so we’re likely down to a scenario where no undefeated team will be left out of the College Football playoff. That is unless, of course, the one undefeated mid-major team left remains undefeated, which is highly possible.

But all 10 undefeated teams are in our Top 25 because by this point, it’s a record that has been earned. There is also one 2-loss team in our rankings. Everybody else is a 1-loss team that we sorted out based on head-to-head match-ups and schedule strength. Style points hold hardly any weight anymore, and we are done caring about what teams did at the beginning of the season.

So with those stats in mind, here is our Saturday Blitz Week 6 Top 25 College Football Rankings.

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