Clemson, Louisville, Virginia on the Rise in Week 6 ACC Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz Week 6 ACC Power Rankings

ACC Football is starting to take shape. We knew who the best team in the conference was, but like every year, the rest of the conference appeared to be a jumbled mess at the beginning of the year. That jumbled mess lasted through last week.

But now, there is at least a clear-cut Top 4 and a clear-cut Bottom 5 in the conference. Head to head match-ups still matter as we provide our Week 6 ACC Power Rankings, but we can’t put too much emphasis on them. Too many teams have played Jekyll and Hyde football in this conference for that.

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But unlike the rest of the major college football world this past weekend, the ACC slate surprisingly went as expected. There were no upsets in six games over the weekend. That’s not something you would expect from a conference marked by incredible parity in the middle.

Still, the wins solidified where many of the ACC teams should stand in our power rankings. We are now down to about nine teams that should be expecting a bowl berth and another four who still have hope. Surprisingly, we have three teams, not one, that could be thinking about an ACC championship, though.

So don’t sleep on too many teams in the conference. The power rankings are more clear, but the championship is a little bit more wide open than we thought at the beginning of the year.

And as we keep an eye on those teams who could win it, here are our Week 6 ACC Power Rankings.

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