Is it a Mississippi School, Auburn, or Somebody Else Atop the Week 6 SEC Power Rankings?

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Saturday Blitz Week 6 SEC Power Rankings

We knew that last Saturday would dramatically shake up the college football landscape, particularly in the SEC and especially in the SEC West. Not only did the shake-up live up to our expectations. It surpassed our expectations beyond all imagination.

And it wasn’t just the obvious, but we’ll start there. Mississippi State’s blowout win over Texas A&M was the second straight for this team, and coupling that with Ole Miss’s win against Alabama for once makes the state of Mississippi the face of the SEC. Although the state is the heart of the south and both Mississippi schools are charter members, they have rarely, if ever, been the face of the conference.

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But they are now. So where do they stand in our Week 6 SEC Power rankings? There are still three undefeated teams and a host of other 1-loss teams, plus a couple of 2-loss teams. And it’s a jumbled mix.

What is clear, though, is that the disparity between the SEC West and the SEC East is so great that we simply can’t just go by overall record in determining this one. The West could have the five best teams in the country, and they all have to play each other.

Which means we’re in for quite a few more power ranking shake-ups in this conference. So don’t get too comfortable with where everybody is on this list.

But after the first crazy weekend of SEC football,  here are our Week 6 SEC Power Rankings.

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