Order is Restored. Ohio St., Michigan St. Move Up in Week 6 Big Ten Power Rankings.

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Saturday Blitz Week 6 Big Ten Power Rankings

This is probably a little bit unfair when you consider who Indiana has beaten this year, but the win against Missouri still looks like an incredible fluke, and the losses to Maryland and Bowling Green still look bad. All that a blowout win against North Texas means is that good Indiana showed up this week, as it seems they keep alternating which team shows up.

Kevin Wilson’s rush heavy offense looks great this season when they are playing well, with Tevin Coleman leading the way and D’Angelo Roberts sill playing well also. But the pathetically inconsistent play of Nate Sudfeld is what could do this team in, because like Illinois, it still doesn’t play any defense. That was glaringly obvious when they faced teams with skill players such as Maryland and Bowling Green, so it’s obvious what will happen against teams like Ohio State as well. The rest of the season simply depends on whether or not Sudfeld can stay consistent.

Iowa, Michigan, Penn State, Rutgers, and Purdue are still all winnable games that could get this team to 8 or 9 wins in the best-case scenario, but you can’t bet on that with this team. And we are not going to prop them up because of a blowout win against North Texas and a lucky win against Missouri. I tend to think Indiana is more like the team that got blown out by Maryland and lost to Bowling Green.

But there is plenty of time for us to know for sure in the next few weeks.

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