Blitz Points: Dak Prescott, Bryce Petty, Coaches, and Defenders Highlight Week 7 College Football Top Performers

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Saturday Blitz Blitz Points Winners Week 7

Georgia had to find a way to win without Todd Gurley at running back. Their season was supposed to be over. They couldn’t continue to win games without the one guy who had been carrying them this entire time. It seemed impossible.

Enter Nick Chubb. The freshman running back filled in for Gurley on Saturday against Missouri on the road, and against a very good defensive line, he ran for 143 yards. Well, talk about bursting onto the scene. We have to put the Bulldogs back in our national title picture, as they are the clear-cut favorites in the SEC East right now. This team should be undefeated, but the reason for their blowout win Saturday was Chubb. Make no mistake about it.

Chubb’s hard running allowed Georgia to hold onto the ball for more than 42 minutes, took lots of pressure off of Hutson Mason, and kept the Dawgs from turning the ball over. Sure, defensive stars deserve credit for this game, specifically Quincy Mauger and his 2 interceptions. But Chubb was what allowed the defense to play so well, keeping them incredibly rested. Give credit where credit is due, and this guy stepped up.

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