Clemson, Duke, Miami Rise in Week 7 ACC Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz ACC Power Rankings Week 7

Miami fans may not know it, all two of them left, but they have a pretty good and improving team right now. The Hurricanes have played an incredibly tough schedule to this point, so we don’t hold their 4-3 record against them. Guys, they have more wins than people showing up to their games right now, so take some pride in Al Golden’s program that he’s improving coming off probation.

Brad Kaaya has really found himself over the past few weeks, and his efficiency has been at a much higher level since Nebraska. Doing that has allowed Duke Johnson to turn into a superstar at running back, and this has now all of a sudden become a very balanced attack. When you add in the fact that the defense is playing very well, outside of struggling against the Georgia Tech option offense that always throws teams off, then you’ve got a great and complete team that still has a lot to play for. Don’t sleep on these Hurricanes just because they’re 4-3. If Miami fans aren’t going to care, at least maybe the rest of the college football world will.

They have a chance to beat Virginia Tech on Thursday night next week, and with UNC and Pitt on the schedule, this team should be spotted 6 wins. It’s also good enough to turn Virginia Tech and Virginia into toss-ups, so that’s 8 possible wins on the slate right there. And it may sound crazy, but Florida State has played bad enough at times that they could always slip up. Could that happen at Miami?

For those of you Hurricanes fans who still care, take note. Your team is exciting and getting better. And it has a chance to move up our power rankings.

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