Clemson, Duke, Miami Rise in Week 7 ACC Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz ACC Power Rankings Week 7

Well, the Wolfpack certainly fooled us. We were made to believe they were getting much better in Dave Doeren’s second season after a 4-0 start and then leading Florida State for three quarters. At that point, we were ready to vault this team way up into the Top 25. But they’ve looked pathetic since the fourth quarter of that game, now losing a blowout to Clemson and getting manhandled by Boston College.

Jacoby Brissett has woken up to reality, or he might have been in a funk depending on how you want to look at it, over the past two weeks. That has rendered the N.C. State offense useless, and the defense simply hasn’t been good enough to win any of these three games that have turned into losses. Brissett has got to play better to keep the offense more balanced, but Shadrach Thornton and Matt Dayes could help him in the rushing attack, which they have not been able to do over the past few weeks. If those players don’t strike a more successful balance, or in general just start performing better, N.C. State could be in trouble.

Louisville on the road and Georgia Tech are still two games that are going to be incredibly difficult to win. Syracuse, Wake Forest, and North Carolina are all games that should be wins, but with the way the Wolfpack have played, they aren’t guarantees. They only need 2 for a bowl game, but they are going to have to play better to get there.

Because with how they’ve looked so far in ACC play, they don’t appear to be a good team.

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