Georgia Rises, Mississippi Schools top Week 7 SEC Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz SEC Power Rankings Week 7

Following the tradition of losing over the past few years in games that matter to the fan base, the 10-9 loss to Florida is still hanging over this Tennessee football team. The Vols were able to move back to 3-3 after beating Chattanooga, but there’s still not much encouragement with the 10th consecutive loss to the Gators. That was such a momentum killer that it’s hard to see this team recovering.

The offensive line has still not shown itself to be even semi-decent against any good competition. Butch Jones is encouraging Vol Nation to be patient, and he’s right to point out the youth of the line, but that’s still not going to sit well with a fan base that has waited long enough to be back. Oh, and when you have a senior quarterback and skill players all over the field, a thin line shouldn’t hurt this bad, but it is.

And for the Vols, that makes things really hard. The loss to Florida is one they had to have, with Ole Miss and Alabama as the teams they have to play from the West. That makes for 5 losses, and South Carolina is a road game. Getting to 6 or 7 wins looks really difficult right now with those three games plus Missouri and kentucky.

So for right now, Vols fans have very good reasons to not be excited about things on Rocky Top.

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