Georgia Rises, Mississippi Schools top Week 7 SEC Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz SEC Power Rankings Week 7

Is Will Muschamp going to celebrate obnoxiously this week? Someone should tell him that having a winning season shouldn’t be enough to keep his job. He actually has to field a team competing for championships, the way Florida is supposed to. With that, a home loss to LSU is a huge deal that Muschamp should be extremely concerned about. And a 1-point road win against Tennessee is nothing to be proud of either.

Florida still has absolutely no passing game, regardless of who’s starting at quarterback, and they seem to be determined to give games away. They tried to give the game to Tennessee, but Tennessee gave it right back. Then they gave it to LSU successfully on Saturday. This defense is still pretty good, but the offense is absolutely pathetic. The only fortunate thing for these Gators is a great defense could potentially be enough to win a lot of games in the SEC.

Georgia is no guarantee, and Florida State is an obvious loss, but the defense right now should be enough to get wins against South Carolina, Missouri, Vanderbilt, and Eastern Kentucky. Will 7-4 be good enough for Muschamp to keep his jobs? Maybe not.

How about being in No. 9 in the SEC? It shouldn’t but it might. That’s where they are right now.

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