Michigan St., Ohio St., Nebraska Still Top Big Ten Power Rankings Week 7

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Saturday Blitz Big Ten Power Rankings Week 7

Hooray!!! Michigan isn’t the worst team in the Big Ten after all!!! Let’s celebrate something that should never be celebrated in Ann Arbor!!! If anything, the way the Wolverines acted after beating Penn State is more proof that Brady Hoke should be fired. How far has this program fallen that it celebrates a home win to move to 3-4? So we were able to move it up in our power rankings. Big deal. This team still has not been impressive all year.

Devin Gardner managed to not go out of his way to lose the game Saturday by playing at a pathetic level of epic proportions, and the defense showed up. But the defense has been the one decent spot for the team all year. Wolverines fans can thank them for Saturday, and they’ll have to rely on them the rest of the year if they want to turn the season around and save a job for Hoke that he already should have lost.

But with Michigan State, Northwestern, Maryland, and Ohio State still on the schedule, turning this season around could be extremely hard. The defense will probably play well, but the offense has to show up to, and we don’t know what we’re going to get from them. A close win against an overrated Penn State team doesn’t change that.

And that’s why we still have these guys low in our power rankings.

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