Michigan St., Ohio St., Nebraska Still Top Big Ten Power Rankings Week 7

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Saturday Blitz Big Ten Power Rankings Week 7

Well that was a rough wake-up call for the Terps two weeks ago in their blowout loss to Ohio State. After a much-needed bye week, they now have a chance to regroup and beat a few middle of the road teams to prove that they belong in the top half of the Big Ten. We’re keeping them there for right now because they looked great blowing out Indiana, and you can’t hold what happened to Ohio State too harshly against them.

The Terps want to beat Big Ten teams with skill players. The Buckeyes are a powerhouse built on skill players, so the match-up was going to be a problem from the start. This team still has a chance to beat other, different-styled Big Ten teams. Whether CJ Brown or Caleb Rowe is in at quarterback, the heart of the offense goes with Stefon Diggs, Deon Long, Brandon Ross, Wes Brown, and Marcus Leak. The defense is a little thin up front, but Will Likely is a superstar in the secondary. These skill players can change any game.

We get to find out just how much of an impact they can make this weekend with a visit from the Hawkeyes. But that’s not all. Road games against Wisconsin and Penn State, and Michigan State, Michigan, and Rutgers are still on the schedule. In short, Maryland could still fall to 4-8 on the year or make it to 9-3. We really don’t have a good read at this point.

But either way, they could drastically change their position in these power rankings. For now, they’re middle of the pack.

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