USC Rises, UCLA Falls in Week 7 Pac 12 Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz Pac 12 Power Rankings Week 7

This is where things start to get really unfair. Getting to 4-2 and coming off a loss to Washington is nothing to be ashamed of and would have this team ranked a heck of a lot higher in any other conference. But this isn’t any other conference. This is the Pac 12, and going 4-2 is just enough to drop you to No. 10 in such a deep conference. It may not be fair, but that’s the reality of the situation.

The California Golden Bears have still shown dramatic improvement this year, and their passing game is among the best in the country with Jared Goff at quarterback. But Goff’s 300 yards were meaningless on Saturday against Washington, and he is really all this team has. Still, it’s a good team with him, so we’re not going to judge the Golden Bears too harshly. And there is still a good bit to look forward to.

Although the schedule gets incredibly tough for this team going forward, Oregon State and BYU are still winnable games to get this team to a bowl game, and perhaps they could pull a couple of upsets against UCLA, Oregon, USC, and Stanford. This team has a lot to celebrate about this season no matter what.

And don’t sleep on them going forward.

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