USC Rises, UCLA Falls in Week 7 Pac 12 Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz Pac 12 Power Rankings Week 7

We’ve said this about everybody below, and we’re going to say this again. But at this point, it’s to an extreme level. It is extremely unfair to put the Washington Huskies this low in any power rankings. The Huskies are a 5-1 team who have a case to be in the Top 25. But like Oregon State, they don’t have a great win yet, and their only claims to fame are blowing out Illinois and Cal and playing Stanford close. We’re not going to give away free cookies for that.

Chris Petersen’s first Huskies team is clearly a team with an identity, focused on tough running with Lavon Coleman and Dwayne Washington and incredibly efficient passing from Cyler Miles, who now has 9 touchdowns and no interceptions on the year to go along with 896 yards and a 66 percent completion rate. This identity is the opposite of many Pac-12 teams, but it’s worked for the Huskies, so they should continue it.

Going forward we will find out a lot more about this team as it gets set to face Oregon, Arizona State, and Arizona. UCLA and Oregon State are still on the slate as well. Colorado and Washington State should be enough to get this team bowling, but if it wants anything more, then those are the games to pay attention to.

Until they prove themselves in one of them, we are going to have this team ranked No. 8.

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