USC Rises, UCLA Falls in Week 7 Pac 12 Power Rankings

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Saturday Blitz Pac 12 Power Rankings Week 7

Unfortunately for the Utes, we had to drop them this week for two reasons: UCLA isn’t looking like as good of a win as it once was, and while they were off other teams earned the right to jump them in our power rankings. It may be unfair, but in such a competitive conference, it’s hard to argue that.

The Utes, like the Huskies, get to make the case that they have a strong rushing attack and are the outliers in Pac-12 football. That’s enough to acknowledge this team as a legitimate Pac-12 contender, but they still have issues as to who to play at quarterback sometimes, and that’s an issue that can haunt this team down the road. Utah is finally looking like a Pac-12 and Power Five team, but those questions have to be addressed.

And over the next few weeks, that should definitely happen. After Oregon State this Saturday, the Utes get USC, Arizona State, Oregon, Stanford, and Arizona before closing out the season against Colorado. Oregon State and Colorado are obvious must-wins for a bowl berth, but to get something more, they need to pull off at least two upsets.

That’s possible, given the fact that they’re in the Top 5 of our Pac-12 Power Rankings.

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